WHY. + day 1

Why I’ve created this blog and why I’m trying out a Vegan diet for 30 days (I must be crazy right?).

Firstly, I’ve been wanting to slim down for some time now, not that I’m overweight or even a bit ‘chubby’, I just want to drop a few pounds to look different- that being much slimmer. I’m a curvy 10 but I want to feel like a slim, fit 8 and to even keep my hour-glass shape : ).
I had been really unfocused about how I was going to do this. I love exercising, I love keeping healthy and I hardly drink or eat high saturated foods but I feel like I get bored after a while when I set myself to a diet. I find that it’s expensive to maintain and that without 100% dedication and time I wont see the results I’m looking for.

So my mum is a vegetarian and always has been. She’s also a nutritionist/ therapist/herbalist and has spoke of going Vegan a few times before. I’d never really thought much about it only that it was a silly idea. How can you survive of nothing? I knew that Vegan-ism consisted of a diet free from animal products, including eggs and milk as well as meat. So it’s a plant based diet. I did not however know of any of the benefits from this diet, I merely thought that it was an intensive more exaggerated form of being a vegetarian and that it was a choice made by those who did not like the idea of their food coming from animals, because they thought it was cruel or disgusting.

I’ve discovered this isn’t just what it is about. People do make the choice to turn vegan because the believe we share a planet with animals and that we should not mistreat them. However, many Vegans have realized that eating meat and drinking milk etc, is just not necessary in order to take in the nutrition you need in your diet or in order to survive, but instead that it can result in negative effects over time such as heart disease and cancer.

Here’s a video which explains all I probably could but more. It really opened my eyes, but it’s not the only one or the only reason I’m trying out a Vegan diet. I found this video during my research process over many days.

I have researched various sources, and a lot of YouTube videos have been most helpful as different people reflect on why a Vegan diet has been beneficial to them. All these benefits are why I’m intrigued to give it a try. It seems almost across the board that those who change to follow a Vegan diet experience weight-loss in a short period of time, more energy, brighter clearer skin, brighter eyes, can sleep better and changes to their stomach and digestive system. So overall positive changes to their body and even their mind.

I’m excited to begin and already have! today (22/01/13) was my first day dairy free, meat free and animal produce free. I’m tempted to see also if removing dairy from my diet will clear up a lot of my allergies and fix my respiratory issues (constant sniffing, constant flu-like-self :(…) My biggest fear is that of exile. That by doing this I put a barrier between me and my friends, family and even my boyfriend. I’m a bit worried that I’ll have to explain myself a lot or that people will think that the decision is completely absurd or just plain weird. Or even if people think I’m only doing it for attention or to be purposely fussy!
I’m not. I’m looking to see results, I’m curious and I’m hoping to see if changing what I put in  my body will be reflected by my body. Anything else along the way is a bonus! I will be rejecting the sickening treatment and conditions in arbitrary’s and industrial warehouses that happens just so that we can have a piece of bacon on our plate. Which I could possibly prove to not even be necessary to have in the first place along with other animal meats and produce.

So it’s a big change, and requires a lot of planning meals in advance and reading things and scouting new foods and even I’ll get frustrated at some point with it. I’ll probably even get mad cravings! for eggs! and butter and milk chocolate and Haggis and yogurt. But I want to really see if these benefits pull through and I’ll accept that the diet doesn’t change me or that it has flaws but I won’t accept failure from myself to give in to temptation!

For those of you who have ever contemplated going Vegan consider me you Guinea-pig trial runner!

and wish me luck guys : )

progress will be blogged here.